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Our Services

MUTARA provides personalised quality services in various sectors, particularly in Accounting, Tax, Auditing, Business Consulting, Outsourcing Management and Blockchain.

We offer services to both domestic and international clientele in the residential, commercial, and business sectors. 

Personalised and tailor-made services

What We Offer


MUTARA is a professional services firm that offers a range of accounting, tax consulting, auditing and management consulting services to corporate and individual clients. With a team of highly experienced professionals, MUTARA provides tailored solutions to its clients to help them meet their business goals and navigate the complex regulatory environment.

Our firm provides personalised and customised services to ensure that the advice we offer is tailored to your specific situation and serves you in the most optimal manner. Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions is a cornerstone of our approach, as we recognise that every client is unique and requires an individualised approach. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your needs, goals, and challenges. This enables us to provide bespoke recommendations that are not only highly effective but also relevant to your specific circumstances.

Our firm provides tax consulting services, which include advising clients on direct and indirect taxation, tax planning, negotiating with fiscal authorities, and providing guidance on determining the optimal legal form of an organisation.

We also offer value-added tax (VAT) services, as well as staff and social security insurance services. The firm’s auditing services of MUTARA Audit AG include legal and statutory ordinary audits, limited statutory examinations, and special audits reports.

In addition, we offer management consulting services, such as operational and corporate analysis, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning and forensic reports. We also provide accounting services, including the maintenance of financial accounting and the generation of financial statements and evaluations.

Furthermore, we offer corporate governance and family office services to support clients in strategic decision-making, risk management, and communication with relevant authorities. Lastly, we offer individual reporting services to evaluate portfolios and assets, providing clients with insights into profitability and cost transparency.

With these services, we aim to help our clients achieve their business objectives by providing them with the right tools and advice to succeed in a rapidly changing business landscape.


All Audit services are provided by MUTARA Audit AG.


  • Maintenance of financial accounting (including foreign currencies)
  • Generation of financial statements and evaluations in accordance with various criteria
  • Generation of consolidated annual financial statements


  • Complete HR-Administration and Payroll Accounting
  • Monthly payroll processing including administration for local employees, assignees, executives and/or board members
  • Annual overviews and salary certificates for tax purposes
  • Expense recording into the salary payments
  • Special payments such as overtime, bonuses, board fees, etc
  • Registration with tax authorities and social insurance
  • Tax at source services and insurance declarations


  • Legal and statutory ordinary audit
  • Auditing on the limited statutory examination
  • Peer Review concerning “PS 910”
  • General audit mandates for companies and all types of audits at non-incorporated firms
  • Special audits in the case of suspected irregularities


The electronic accounting (online accounting, or Web Accounting) allows our clients to run their accounting at home without their own server infrastructure. The data can be directly inspected from the fiduciary office and they can attach the necessary enhancements. Hence, the data is stored centrally, the client does not need to buy any accounting software and services packages. There will be a fee charged for the costs. Thanks to this system, our clients are very flexible and always have a specialist aside.


All Fiduciary services are provided by MUTARA Treuhand AG.

Company Formation

  • Assistance for businesses in the process of establishing a company
  • Detailed guidance on the legal structures available based on their business objectives and goals
  • Many years of experience in legal structuring and business registration procedures
  • Personalised and professional service tailored to meet clients’ specific requirements
  • Commitment towards helping clients achieve long-term success

Company Governance and Administration

  • Company governance and administrative services
  • Financial planning, tax management, legal compliance, and risk management
  • Personalised solutions and tailored services to meet clients’ specific business needs
  • Promote long-term success and adaptation to changing business environments
  • Manage and administer companies to allow owners to focus on growing their business

Tailor Made Consulting

  • Advice for business owners navigating the consulting complexities of company formation, management, and administration
  • Comprehensive consulting services that include company registration and formation, contract drafting, compliance with legal regulations, dispute resolution, and risk management
  • Personalised legal advice tailored to align with their specific business needs while ensuring legal compliance, risk mitigation, and long-term success
  • Exceptional and professional consulting services to help clients navigate the ever-changing legal environment and protect their interests
  • Reliable, personalised, and highly professional business consulting advice


All Advisory services are provided by MUTARA Advisory AG.


  • Advising corporates and individuals on declaring and assessing direct and indirect taxation
  • Negotiation with tax authorities
  • Tax management
  • Providing guidance for determining the best legal form of the organisation

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Support for registration
  • Negotiating with tax authorities
  • Support for external VAT audit and pre-audit
  • Assistance with objections

Staff and Social Security Insurance

  • Advising Expatriates
  • Advising ANobAGs (employee of an employer that is not required to contribute to Swiss social security)
  • Examination of the responsibility of the social security state
  • Analysing of payouts of 2nd and 3rd pillars


  • Operational and corporate analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence for company purchases or inheritance matters
  • Developing criteria for decisions relating to investments
  • Advising for succession planning in company matters
  • Restructuring of companies


All crypto services are provided by MUTARA Treuhand AG.


  • Set up crypto accounting procedures
  • Set up of the transaction sheet to work automatically into the financial statements
  • Preparation of the financial statements for companies and foundation (EDI-compliant)
  • Transfers between digital assets and the FIAT world
  • More than 200 projects completed in crypto as auditor, accountant, tax advisor, auditor, and consultant
  • All projects are KYC approved

The merger of MUTARA Treuhand AG and Lucris Finance AG combines two companies with vast experience in the crypto world since the beginning of 2013. We have faced the challenges of this technology and its implementation in the financial world – in the areas of accounting, auditing, management consulting and taxes. We have participated in various committees involved in setting standards in VAT, accounting and auditing.

Our service offers an all-inclusive package in Crypto and Fiat services from a single source.